The Netflix Tag

Hey guys! I was tagged by Farihah from CutiePieFrizzy (go check her blog out!!) to do the Netflix Tag and as a Netflix addict, I am ecstatic to do this! I tag all of you to do this tag and please let me know if you have via Twitter on Instagram so I can check out your answers! So without further adieu, lets get into this tag!

1. All Time Favourite
My favourite TV show on Netflix (and in general) has got to be One Tree Hill. For those who know me, or have seen my Twitter feed, I am obsessed with this show! I 100% recommend it!
In terms of favourite movies on Netflix, there are so many that I love! One that was recently added that I have always been obsessed with is Legally Blonde.

2. Current Addiction
Just a few days ago, I started watching the ABC Family show Young and Hungry on Netflix and I became obsessed… like I finished all 10 episodes of the first season in 2 days….my bad! This show stars Emily Osment and it’s kind of stupid but it is really funny and entertaining. I really recommend this show to someone who wants a light and funny show to watch!

3. Wishlist
I wish TV episodes were posted on Netflix almost immediately after their aired on TV. I know this does happen in certain countries with certain TV shows (such as England with Pretty Little Liars) but unfortunately for us in Canada and the USA, we have to wait for the whole season to be posted months after it is aired.

4. Pet Peeves
I really hate how some content is only available in certain countries! I am from Canada but I have an application for Google Chrome called Hola that allows users to access content on Netflix from any country that has Netflix.

5. Marathon Essentials
To be quite honest, all I really need for a Netflix Marathon is my laptop! I can have a Netflix marathon anytime, anywhere! Obviously I’m more comfy in my bed but like I’m always down for a Netflix binge.

6. What’s On Your Watch List?
Currently, I am watching Parks and Recreation (again) so that’s at the top of my watch list. I also want to get into Mad Men as I have heard some amazing things about it, and I love John Hamm. Scandal is another show I want to watch! I watched the first few episodes earlier in the year but stopped for some reason, so I really want to get back into that.

7. You Should Watch
I recommend Friends to anyone who hasn’t seen it already! Friends is one of my all time favourite shows and I was so happy when Netflix announced they would be releasing the TV show in late 2014. It’s a great show that has is hilarious and anyone can enjoy.

I hope you guys like these sort of posts cause I find them really fun to write! I have a few very exciting posts in the works so look forward to those!


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