Makeup Geek Eyeshadows: My Thoughts

Many of you may have seen the post in which I give you all a look at the Makeup Geek Foiled Shadows. After writing that post and searching through their website, I decided to take the plunge and order a few shadows myself. Although I loved some of the foiled shadows, I thought the regular pressed shadows were more up my alley.

I purchased 4 shadows (Golddigger, Hipster, Peach Smoothie and Corrupt) and to give you guys a quick summary of what I think, I really do love these shadows and they are for sure worth the hype!klkjIMG_5548Peach Smoothie is probably my favourite shadow that I bought. The main reason I purchused this shadow is because of Jaclyn Hill and her obsession with this colour in the crease as a transition colour. Personally, I would not think of using a peach shadow as a transition colour but her makeup is always on point so I thought I would give it a try. Peach Smoothie is amazing as a transition colour, as well as a lid colour, because it is such a smooth shadow but is very blendible which makes it easy to work with. I would say that if you were going to buy any Makeup Geek Shadow, go with Peach Smoothie!

Corrupt is another shadow that I had heard rave reviews about but unfortunately, it didn’t live up to my expectations. It is a great shadow due to it’s blendiblity but I thought it would be more pigmented. Part of the reason I was disappointed was my own fault. From reading/watching reviews as well as looking at pictures online, I thought this shadow was matte when in fact, it is described as an “intense matte black with a very subtle sparkle”. Although I do like the shadow because of it’s formula, I wouldn’t say that it is my favourite black shadow in my collection.

Hipster is a shadow that really intrigued me when I first saw it, but I’m unsure why because it is a pretty basic and neutral shadow. It is a taupe shadow that does have some shimmer in it. I think that Hipster is a beautiful crease colour that adds some nice definition to the eye but also looks nice on the lid.

Golddigger is a very basic true gold shadow but I really like it. It has a metallic finish that I love wearing on the lid as I feel like it brightens up the eyes. It is a very basic colour as I mentioned but having a nice gold is a staple in any makeup collection and I think this one is amazing due to the Makeup Geek formula.

The Makeup Geek formula is incredible and is comparable , or even better, then MAC shadows. Although MAC does have a larger colour selection, Makeup Geek does have a pretty large colour range (and is coming out with more!) but has an amazing, creamy, blendible formula.

Are there any other makeup brands you’d like me to review? Let me know in the comments below!


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