Strobing: The Newest Makeup Craze

For the past six months or so, contouring has been the biggest trend in makeup but recently a new trend has come about – strobing! Strobing is basically a fancy way to say highlighting your face to add a glow and make your skin look dewy! I like to think of strobing as trying to make your face look as natural as possible while wearing makeup as we aren’t layering on lots of powders and layers. In this post I’ll be talking about tips and tricks on how to strobe!

I start off with a BB Cream to create a dewy base on my face. I have oily skin so I do need to set this with a powder so I do not look like an oily mess as well as to keep oil at bay through out the day! If you do haver drier skin then a powder may not be necessary but obviously tailor this to your own skin type!

IMG_5593To start out the strobing process, I am taking Benefit’s Girl Meets Pearl Liquid Highlight on my fingers and applying this to the places that I would normally highlight – top of the cheekbones, middle of the forehead, down the chin, cupids bow, under the brow, in the tear duct and down the nose. I am using my fingers to tap this product into my skin as the heat from my fingers will help to create a natural appearance.

I will next apply my blush and bronzer on to my face.

TIP: If you use shimmer in your highlight, use a matte bronzer and blush. This not only makes the highlight stand out and be the star of the show per say, but it also creates a natural elegant glow rather then one that looks very fake with shimmer all over the face.

I am using the NYX Cream Blush in Glow which will also help with the natural look that strobing provides. I apply the product on the apples of my cheeks using a blush stippling brush (which is an oval shaped for the precise application of blush) and blending it back onto my temples. Because I do not have a cream bronzer, I am lightly using a duo fibre brush to apply the bronzer in the Sleek Contour Kit on my temples, jawline and in the hollows of my cheeks.

To finish up the makeup, I am taking MAC’s Soft IMG_5596-1and Gentle and applying this highlight powder overtop of the Girl Meets Pearl that I applied earlier. As I mentioned, I do have oily skin and I do want these products to last all day so I am lightly setting all of this using translucent powder and a fan brush.

How do you all feel about strobing? Have you tried it out for yourself? Please let me know in the comments below!


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