Summer Skin Care Routine: Face and Body

Skin care is so important to me due to the fact that I have problematic and acne prone skin. I like to switch up a few products in my routine during different seasons as as you all probably know, different seasons cause different skin problems. This post will be focusing more on my body skin care routine as my facial skin care routine is pretty much the same as the last skin care routine that I posted (check that out here).

VaselineTotal-Moisture-Family-ShotOnce I get out of the shower, I use the Vaseline Total Moisture Moisturizer in the yellow body all over my body to stay hydrated. The sun tends to dry out your skin so it is super important to always moisturize your body, especially if you spend a lot of time outside.

An integral part of skin care in the summer is sunscreen. I don’t wear sunscreen as much as I should on my body but it is super important to keep your skin safe from the sun’s harsh rays. Recently I have gotten a terrible burn on my back and shoulders which has increased my motivation to wear sunscreen so I do not get another burn like that. I prefer the spray sunscreen rather then the lotion as I find it is much easier to apply. If you live in Canada and have access to a Shoppers Drug Mart, the LIFE Brand Sun Thera3 Continuous Spray Sunscreen smells like vanilla and is also waterproof.

best-aftersun-lotions-sun-burn-8I like to moisturize my skin again after spending the entire day outside (I work as a camp counsellor which causes me to be outside for the entire day) in order to refresh and sooth any burns, or my skin itself. I use my fingers to run the Clarins After Sun Gel Ultra Soothing on my whole body as it sooths sunburns and prolongs a tan. This is a pricy product so a few alternatives are aloe vera (which I typically use) and Hawaiian Tropic’s Silk Hydration After Sun Cooling Lotion.

Similarly from my last facial skin care routine, I wash my face using the Clarisonic Aria and the First Aid Beauty Red Clay Cleanser. I have been using Witch Hazel on a cotton pad as a toner in order to ensure all the oil and gunk is removed off of my face. The moisturizer I have been using is the Clean and Clear Hydrating Gel Moisturizer. When I do use a mask, the one that I use is still the LUSH Cosmetic Warrior Mask but I have found myself using this less and less due to this mask being made with all natural products which results in it having to be replaced very frequently.

Do you change up your skin care routine during the summer time? Are there any skin care products that you recommend? I hope you all are having an amazing week and please don’t forget to check out my social media (links are here)!


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