The Baking Technique – Add Some Extra Brightness to Your Face

Baking’s not only for the kitchen! Baking your makeup is an easy but amazing way to add some extra brightness to all of the places you have already highlighted.

As I mentioned, it is super easy and all you need is some translucent powder. After you highlight your face using concealer, apply a generous amount of translucent powder over the highlighted areas, using a brush or a cosmetic sponge, and let that sit – I usually let it sit until I am finished with the rest of my makeup. After letting the powder sit for a few minutes, dust the powder off of your face using a fluffy brush, I prefer using a fan brush for this step. After you dust off the powder, you’re finished the baking process and the highlighted areas of your face should be as bright as ever!

The heat from your body “melts” the product into your skin which not only helps create a brighter appearance of the highlighted areas but creates a smooth and perfected appearance to the skin.

I have been loving this technique lately as I have SUPER dark under eye circles and baking really helps to brighten them up!

Let me know in the comments or on my social media if you have tried baking your makeup!


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