Collective Makeup Haul + Review

Hauls are some of my favourite videos to watch and I recently realized that I have never done one on this blog so I decided to do one and show you all the makeup I have collected over the past little while. I have tried out all of these products so I will include my thoughts as well! If any of you have any ideas of how to better format posts like this then please let me know because I’d love to improve my posts for you all!

The first 3 products I have to share were gifts from when my parents went to the UK this past summer. They know how much I love trying new makeup so they asked me if there was anything I wanted them to pick up for me, and obviously I gave them a long list. The first thing they brought back for me, which I was the most excited about, was a Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer in Warm Medium. My parents looked in many Boots to find this product and this was the only shade they had so they brought it back for me. At first glance, I thought this concealer would be too dark for me but it is a perfect match with a tan. I am a huge fan of this concealer as it is very high coverage and is very blendable. I have even applied this product all over my face as a foundation on those days when I am in a rush and it works beautifully.

96017791-1_3888The next 2 products that were brought back from England were the Sleek i-Divine Eyeshadow Palettes in Au Natural and Oh So Special. Au Natural is a very neutral palette filled with mostly matte shadows and Oh So Special is a rose toned palette. I prefer Au Natural as I find it to be more pigmented and the shadows are less chalky/easier to apply. That being said, I was not extremely impressed with either of the palettes as neither of them blend very well or have great lasting power.

Is1539246-main-hero-300 have made a few trips to Sephora over the last little bit and have picked up a few things, especially because back to school season is approaching quickly. I first picked up Benefit’s Gimme Brow to fill in my brows and hold them in place. I decided to get a tinted brow gel as it is a very fast way to get fuller brows when I do not have a lot of time in the morning. I was debating between this product and the Anastasia Tinted Brow Gel but I found Gimme Brow gave me a more natural looking brow due to the smaller brush where as the Anastasia’s Gel made my brows look very fake and like I glooped a bunch of product onto my brow.

I also bought a backup of my Estee Lauder Double Wear s1465327-main-hero-300Foundation as it is my holy grail foundation and I am running low. I totally recommend this foundation for those who have oily-er skin or who want full coverage. This foundation stays on all day but doesn’t feel super heavy on the skin.

I love multi purpose products so I picked up the Nudestix Lip and Cheek Pencil in Soul to use as both a lipstick and a cream blush. I love the colour of this pencil and thought it would be an easy way to add colour to my face when in a rush during the
mornings before school due to the easy application and blendibilty of the product!

The last thing I bought was the s1483544-main-hero-300Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder in Diffused Light. I have heard about these products forever and have always wanted to try them out but just now
have I actually splurged! I got the shade Diffused Light so I could apply it all over my face due to the limited amount of shimmer within the powder. This powder is supposed to “conceal redness and give skin clarity like a soft ray of morning light”. I haven’t experimented that much with this powder but so far, I don’t see anything special about this powder other then the beautiful packaging. I am going to keep using this product all over my face as well as under the eyes and as a highlight powder and then let you know my final thoughts.

When checking out, I redeemed 500 of my points to receive the Clarisonic 500 Point Perk. This gift really interested me as it came with a brush head for the Clarisonic as well as a few other skin care items. I have not used the brush head yet but it is the Radiance one so I will let you all know how that works out for me if you are interested.

So that’s my haul! I hope you liked it and don’t forget to check out my social media!


What did you think? Leave a comment and let me know!

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