What’s in my Makeup Artist Kit

For those who have not read my last blog post, I have become a certified makeup artist!! When I took my Makeup Artistry course, I received a train case full of makeup, brushes and other tools. This post will be going over what was included (and what I have added) into my train case! Let me know if you guys like these kind of posts!

The train case I have is a two piece set – there is a bottom half which is more for hair stuff and then the top half is more for makeup and has a bunch of different compartments to store and organize different products. The two pieces can attach together and then are able to be rolled around via the wheels on the bottom but there is a handle on the top half which is great if you only need that part (I know that was super boring and rambley but here comes the fun part!!)

IMG_6337When you open up the top part of the train case, you see two small compartments that are able to be pulled outwards in order to reveal two other small compartments as well as the large bucket style compartment at the very bottom.

IMG_6338On the top left compartment, I keep different tools and products that I grab for often when doing clients makeup. Some of the things in this compartment include hand sanitizer, rubbing alcohol which works as a makeup sanitizer and a spot cleanser for brushes, disposable mascara wands, my palette in which I first put any liquid or cream product that I will be using on a client, Q-tips and makeup remover.

IMG_6342The upper right compartment is where I
keep foundations. Majority of the foundations (and makeup in general) that I have in my kit are my makeup school’s brand but I also have included a Covergirl and Almay foundation. The foundations that I was provided with by my makeup school are great as they are medium-full coverage and are not super heavy on the skin but I only have 5 shades which can make it more difficult to colour match correctly. IMG_6339

In the middle left compartment, I keep some more face products as well as my lip pencils. I have 2 face primers, a loose powder, 2 bronzers (one powder and one cream) and then the 3 lip pencils that were provided when I got the kit.

The middle right compartment is full ofIMG_6341 eye products that are not eyeshadow such as mascara, gel liner, pencil liners, false lashes and lash glue. The pencil liners that were provided are super creamy and long wearing and so is the gel liner. I have also included an ELF gel liner into the kit to provide clients with a variety of colour choice on the upper lash line. The false lashes are the only product in this compartment that I really do not like. These lashes feel very plastic like and do not feel nor look natural when placed on the lid. I have an order placed to receive better quality false lashes to include in my kit because I do not like these ones at all.

IMG_6340The last compartment in my train case is the largest compartment at the bottom. In this area, I store my eyeshadow, concealer, blush and lip palettes, my makeup brushes and my makeup remover wipes. The brushes in my kit are a combination of the ones provided by the makeup school and ones purchased by myself. I felt that there wasn’t enough brushes provided by the makeup school so I got a set from BH Cosmetics that provides me with many different brush options. The eyeshadow palette provided by the makeup school is absolutely awful so I swapped that out with a Too Faced Palette that provides a variety of colours. I also included one of my favourite Maybelline palettes into my kit as it provides great shades for a classic smokey eye. The concealer, blush and lip palettes were all provided by the makeup school and I love all of them. The concealers are very easy to mix together to create the perfect shade and blend out onto the skin – they are for sure my favourite product in my kit! I added makeup remover wipes into the kit to clean off clients faces before applying any product but also to use in case of any mistakes.

That is everything that I have in my MUA train case/kit! I would love if you would let me know if you would like more in depth reviews on anything mentioned in today’s post or any post suggestions! Don’t forget to check out my different social media sites to stay updated on all things Melissa Hoffman Beauty!


What did you think? Leave a comment and let me know!

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