Urban Decay Vice 4 Palette Swatches and First Impression

I am a total Urban Decay junkie – their eye shadows are my absolute favourite formula – so when I saw this years Vice palette, I knew I had to get my hands on it! This palette consists of 20 shadows, and most of them a very glittery and shimmery. I found that there was a lot of fallout with these shimmery shades so that is something I feel that should be considered when purchasing this palette! If you are interested in swatches and hearing my thoughts, keep reading!

PS: I’m very sorry about the not so great swatching! This was really the first time i photographed swatches but I will do my best to improve this for my next post that involves lots of swatches!


Left to Right: Bones, Grip, Deadbeat, Beat Down, Pandemonium

All of the shades in this row are grey/purple, which I think go really well together. The first colour Bones is very difficult to see in the swatch because it’s not very opaque, but it is described as an “oyster satin with pearl”. To be honest, I’m not sure what the means but I’d describe it as a beigey-grey colour that is very pretty but nothing insanely special. I think this shade could be used as a “transformer” type shade, that has been very in lately – I will be sure to test that out! Grip is described as a “taupe matte with iridescent micro-glitter”. Personally, I don’t see any glitter – I feel like it is more like a satin finish – but I think would be beautiful in the crease as a transition type colour.  Deadbeat is described as a “black satin with iridescent micro-glitter”. I really like this shade as the other black shadows with shimmer that I have include chunky glitter rather than a fine glitter. Beat Down is described as a “deep metallic violet with blue micro-glitter” and that is exactly what it is. This shadow was probably the creamiest and one of the most pigmented in this row. Pandemonium is the standout shade for me from this row. It is described as a “metallic plum with iridescent micro-glitter” – I would describe it as mixture of grey and purple rather than a plum. Personally, I feel that this kind of colour could be worn like a neutral as it is a colour but not super bright and in your face. This shadow is very creamy and definitely the most pigmented shadow in this row.


Left to Right: Framed, Fast-Ball, 1985, Underhand, Harlot

Framed is described as a “light neutral matte-satin” and that literally is what it is. This shadow is just a peachy-toned matte shadow, but I think that it was necessary for Urban Decay to include a staple shadow like this in such a bright and glittery palette. Fast-Ball is described as a “metallic peachy pink with pink micro-glitter”, which I think is a perfect description for this shadow. I love the coral tones to this, and was surprised by the lack of fallout. 1985 is one of the brightest shades in the palette and is described as a “metallic peachy pink with pink micro-glitter”. This shadow was exceptionally creamy and had great pigmentation but as you can see from the swatch, it has a lot of fallout. Underhand is described as a “burgundy-brown satin” and is once again the classic creamy Urban Decay shadow that I love. I have been obsessed with shadows like this lately and absolutely love this one! It isn’t too red, too brown, or too purple which I think equals the perfect burgundy shade. Harlot is described as a “metallic lavender”. It is a silvery purple shadow which I think could very pretty for a holiday look.


Left to Right: Discreet, Grasshopper, C-Note, Arctic, Robbery

Discreet is described as a “soft dusty mauve matte”. This shadow has hints of grey undertones and is very cool. I really like this shadow because it is unique but I feel like it is understated compared to the rest of the bright unique shadows. This would be a great transition colour for a cool toned look. Grasshopper is described as a “metallic emerald with green micro-glitter” – the name basically says it all. To be quite honest, this is the shadow that I feel like I will get the least use out of but I do enjoy the pigmentation and creamy formula. C-Note is very unique, and is described as a “frosted green with micro-glitter”. I would descibe it as an khaki green mixed with a bright green – it is muted but still bright if that makes any sense. Arctic is described as a “bright teal with tonal sparkle” and has lots of fall out. It is very creamy like the rest of the bright colours and has that same intense pigmentation. Robbery is described as a “deep metallic brown-gunmetal”. It is on the warmer side of the spectrum, I feel like, and once again has quite a bit of fallout.


Left to Right: Bitter, Flame, Low, Crowbar, Delete

Bitter is described as a “reddish brown matte” and is my favourite colour in the palette. It is warmed toned and I found it to be so creamy and blendable. This shade is for sure going to be a staple in my eye looks. Flame is the shadow that caught my eye immediately when I saw this palette. It is described as a “bright orange with gold micro-glitter”. It is a coral-orange and has TONS of glitter in it. It is beautiful but provides a lot fallout but I can put up with that for this beautiful colour! Low is described as a “brown matte with iridescent micro-glitter” (how can a shadow with glitter be matte!?) I can say with out a doubt that this shadow has the most fallout in the palette. I think this colour is nice but I am scared that glitter could continuously fall onto my face when I’m wearing it. All though I enjoy the colour of this shadow, I feel as if UD could have skipped this shadow and added a warmed toned  medium brown to act as a transition colour. Although there are some shades in the palette that are great transition colours, they are all cool toned. Crowbar is described as a “black with golden metallic pearl and micro-glitter” but I would say it is an olive green with glitter. I think it is very hard to get an olive green shadow right and am obsessed with the colour (I have a very similar shadow from Inglot!) but the glitter is for sure something to be aware of. Delete is described as a “deep chestnut brown matte-satin” and that’s what it is. I think this shade is a deeper, satin version of Buck from the Naked palette. I think this colour was necessary to be thrown into the mix to allow for people to create a complete look from this palette.

Over all, I really enjoy the palette at first glance. I find that basically all of the shadows are creamy in texture and like the UD shadows I love. My one complaint with this palette is the fall out that happens with some of the shimmery shades but I honestly don’t care that much about this as I do my eye makeup before my foundation anyways so it’s not as if the fallout would ruin my face makeup. I think that although there are many bright colours in this palette, Urban Decay gives users the needed shades to create a full look using this palette alone. To me, the standout colours in the palette are Bitter, Pandemonium , Underhand, Flame and Crowbar and the only shade that I am not very impressed with is Low. I am so excited to continue playing with this palette but at first glance, I think this palette is a hot ticket item and would be an amazing gift real for makeup lovers.

Please let me know what holiday palettes you guys want to try out and what you think of the Vice 4 down below!



What did you think? Leave a comment and let me know!

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