How I Winterize My Makeup

asd.jpgI find myself switching up my makeup routine during each new season, and winter is no exception. My go to makeup routine has changed thought the past month or so, and I have started to include products into this routine that I feel are more winter appropriate. I teamed up with Adore Me to bring you this post about how I like to switch up my makeup routine to “winterize my makeup”. Adore Me is a super cool and sexy online lingerie retailer who have created some awesome winter looks to go with some of their lingerie. They have some great styles and are constantly updating their inventory, so I 100% recommend checking them out! Keep reading to find out what beauty products I love to use in order to winterize my makeup!

Eyeshadow is hands down my favourite makeup product to switch up as I feel like my eyes are the focal point of my face, and switching up eye shadow can make a look more suitable for one season over another. For example, I feel like spring and summer eye shadow looks feature lighter and much more frosty shadows, where as winter looks feature darker shadows – not to say that one should limit what eyeshadow one uses due to the season! This winter, my go to eye shadow look has been using Bitter from Urban Decay’s Vice 4 palette all over the lid as well as through out my crease. This shadow is a warm orangey-brown and makes for  beautiful and easy eye look. I love using warm tones in the winter because I feel like they help add life back into the face at a time of the year that is very dull, which can cause one’s skin to look that way as well.

One of my winter makeup staples are berry toned blushes. I find that these blush colours look so flattering on my skin during the winter, as this is when I am at my palest. This allows the colour of the product to really pop, because it is contrasting the lightness and dullness of my skin. Some of my favourite berry blush shades I find myself reaching for are NAR’s Sin and Lancome’s Brilliant Berry. Both of these shades are a satin finish and featuring some shimmer, which I find helps to add life to my complexion as it adds a nice sheen and glow to the skin.

The final way I switch up my makeup routine during the winter time is with my lip products. I love wearing brown toned lip colours in the winter time because they are still deep in tone, but aren’t as high maintenance as the deep reds and purples I wear in the fall. I find that in the fall, I get so excited to break out my dark lipsticks but I forget how high maintenance they are to deal with! By the winter time, I get sick of having to constantly check if I have lipstick on my teeth and all of that baggage that goes along with dark lipsticks. Some shades I have been loving lately are Colour Pop’s Beeper, which is a deep brownish taupe, and MAC’s Whirl, which is a brownish rose. Both of these lipsticks are also matte, which is my preferred formula for lip products in the winter time. I don’t know what it is, but matte lips scream winter time for me! I love the look of glossy lips in the summer time but once fall and winter rolls around, I turn to completely matte lip products. One thing to be mindful of when using matte lip products is that they do often cling to dry patches, so I like to exfoliate my lips before applying these types of lip products.

Let me know either in the comments or on my social media how you guys like to switch up your makeup routine for the winter!


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