Joe Fresh Beauty First Impressions + Swatches

This post is a really exciting one for me to write, because I have been looking forward to trying out this brand for a while! For those non-Canadian readers, Joe Fresh is an affordable Canadian clothing brand that has now expanded into makeup. They have started making their way into Shoppers Drug Mart Stores and once I saw the display, I freaked out! I picked up a few staple products from the range to test out. This post will discuss all aspects of the range and products I purchased, such as price, packaging and the product itself.

First off, the Joe Fresh makeup line is very inexpensive for Canadian drugstore makeup. The prices of this line ranged from $4-$18, which compared to brands like L’oreal is very inexpensive. The range includes the basics like foundation, a few types of concealer, a translucent and pressed powder, eyeshadow singles and trios, different formulas of lipstick, many different mascaras and different types of eyeliners (liquid and pencil). The range also includes liquid lipsticks, blush sticks, bronzer, eye primer, brow products and more.

I picked up a blush, an eyeshadow trio, a lipstick and an eyebrow pencil to test out, as I feel like these are staple products in my makeup routine that I like to switch up often.

The lipsticks they have in this range come in 20 different shades and 3 formulas (matte, cream and sheer). I picked up the Lipstick in Kiss, which is a cream formula. I really enjoy the packaging of the lipstick, as it doesn’t feel or look cheap. It is heavier than my other drug store lipstick tubes, which gives me the impression right off the bat that the product is higher end. I like how there is a clear part at the bottom that shows the colour of the lipstick, as it makes picking the colour easier. One thing that I don’t like is that it is quite difficult to take the cap off and put it back on. I have to use quite a bit of force and strength to do this, which can get quite annoying. When you twist up the lipstick, you see JF (standing for Joe Fresh) inscribed in the side of the lipstick, which reminds me a lot of the appearance of Tom Ford lipsticks. I like the colour of this lipstick, which is a light mauvy pink. I think that this lipstick swatches very nice but must be built up in order to get the pigment I am looking for – it took me about 3 or 4 swipes to get the pigmentation you see here. I am curious as to see if the darker colours are more pigmented, or if they too need to be built up. I think that if the staying power of the lipstick is nice, I can deal with the annoying cap but I will keep you all updated on how I like this lipstick (and all the products) once I wear it. This product retails for $10.

The Joe Fresh Beauty makeup line includes 3 eyeshadow trios – I picked up Gold Rush as these are the types of colours I wear on an everyday basis. The packaging of this eyeshadow trio is very compact, which makes it great for travel. There is a clear sheet showing a diagram of where one puts all of the shadows in the kit. Although I do like the concept, I’m not a big fan of this sheet because it is wasteful as I always end up throwing them out if there is no where to keep it, which in this case there is not. There is a big mirror at the top of the case which is a plus. Like a typical drugstore eyeshadow, there is a sponge tip applicator included in the kit. The three shadows in the trio are a cream, a light gold, and a yellow-y gold, and all are shimmery shadows. These shadows are not the most buttery ones I have ever felt but I do think that they are better than a lot of the drug store shadows I have tried. The cream and the yellow-y gold are quite pigmented and smooth but the second colour in the palette isn’t pigmented at all and includes chunky glitter, which I don’t like. I would prefer if a matte colour was included in the trio, rather than the second light gold. I feel like the inclusion of a matte light brown, similar to Urban Decay’s Naked, would allow me to create a full look out of the trio. I do like the 2 outer shadows in the trio but I know I will not be using the second one at all. This product retails for $10.

There are four brow pencils included in the line and I got the one in Brown. On one side of the product, there is the actual brow pencil and on the other side there is a spoolie. I do like how there is a spoolie included, but I don’t like how the pencil is not retractable. Retractable pencil products are much easier to use as they do not need sharpening. In terms of the actual product, it applies nicely and doesn’t require a lot of pressure in order to get colour payoff. Over all, I think this product is okay. The product is comparable to other brow pencils I have tried, but I would pick those over this one because this is not a retractable pencil. This product retails for $8.

The last thing I picked up is a powder blush in the shade Pink. The range includes 6 blushes. I like the packaging as it is clear, so you are able to see the actual colour of the blush. Unlike the lipstick, the blush opens and closes really easily and nicely, which I enjoy. The powder is very pigmented but is powdery. Although I don’t mind that it is powdery, this may be a turn off for some people. I love the colour of this blush, and I feel like it is something that I would wear often. This product retails for $6.

Overall, I enjoy everything I have tried from this range! I can’t wait to try out these products on my face and will keep you all updated on my Twitter (@melissahbeauty) and will write a blog post about my thoughts if you guys are interested in that. I hope you enjoyed this post and let me know if you guys have tried any Joe Fresh Beauty products!


What did you think? Leave a comment and let me know!

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