Must Have Spring Makeup

Spring has sprung! I love changing up my makeup routine for each season so I can follow each seasons trends but also to try out new products! Keep reading to find out what products I have been reaching for in the spring time!

s1783802-main-heroI have been reaching for my Nudestix Intense Matte Lip and Cheek Pencil in Belle almost daily! I love the light pink colour for the spring time and the matte finish helps the product stay on for a long time. Nudestix recommends using their Blur Pencil as a lip primer, which I have been using and this increases the staying power! I swear I can eat and drink and the product will still be on my lips! The formula of the Intense Matte Lip and Cheek Pencils are great and they feel so smooth on the lips, which I love. This line has some other shades, such as Royal and Kiss, which are also great for the springtime so I 100% recommend checking them out here!

Fimagesor some reason I never really got into using my ColourPop shadows, but more recently I have been wearing them, especially the metallic ones, all the time. Game Face is a beautiful metallic copper shadow that adds such a nice pop of colour on the lids without being too bold. Metallic shadows scream springtime to me (is that just me??) so I have been using these all the time. The ColourPop formula is very unique (check out my haul/review here) which I have really come to enjoy.

Springtime is all about floral scents, but I was never have never been one to really enjoy those type of scents. I have, however, been reaching for my Nashi Blossom and Pink Grapefruit fragrance by Kiehl’s almost daily. I love this scent because the floral scent is toned down by citrus which I really enjoy. I think this scent is so wearable because it’s not over powering but lasts all day.

s1074053-main-heroColour correcting is a huge trend now and something I have been loving lately. I love to look super fresh and flawless in the spring time (and all the time – let’s be real here), and this trend is for sure great for helping your skin look perfect by correcting any imperfections. I have been reaching for Benefit’s Lemon Aid Colour Correcting Eye Base to even out my lids on days when I am not wearing any eyeshadow (because it creases on me when I wear it with shadow). The yellow tone really helps cover up any veining and darkness on my lids, and overall just makes me looks super awake. I have also been loving using peaches (such as my Yaby Concealer in Apricot) on any acne scars and dark spots that I may have! Let me know if you’d like to see a post on colour correcting and that whole trend, because I’d love to do one!

So those are my spring must haves! Let me know what your spring must haves are, and be sure to follow me on all my social media, which is linked on the side of my blog.



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