Top 5 Beauty Products for Summer

I have been getting ready for the summer months, and have been rediscovering/falling back in love with some great products for this time of year. Keep reading to find out my top 5 favourite beauty products for summer!


IMG_9284My number 1 top makeup product for the summer time is the Palladio Rice Powder! I have such oily skin, which intensifies in the summer months, so I need a powder to keep me matte all day long. This powder by Palladio really does the trick to keep my skin matte but doesn’t leave my skin looking cakey. It is a loose powder so it can be messy to apply but I will take the mess in order to have my skin staying matte in the hot weather! The Palladio Rice Powder is also translucent which I like because I am able to use it to set any other cream products (contour, blush, etc.) that I wear. My favourite way to apply this powder is by stamping it all over my face using a large powder brush.


IMG_9290Bronzer is another must for me in the summer time, and my favourite is Benefit’s Hoola. I am working inside for the first time this summer so I won’t be getting the same tan I am used to getting. Because of this, I have been using Hoola to bronze up my complexion and make it look like I have been getting some sun (fake it till you make it, am I right!?). I like Hoola because it is matte so it really looks like my skin, and I can also use it to softly contour with. The packaging is also super cute, which is always a plus!



This one may seem odd, but I need purple shampooIMG_9294 during the summer time. Basically purple shampoo works to counteracts brassiness in blonde hair and although my hair isn’t blonde, the sun works to lighten my hair to a bronde colour that can look orangey if not toned. For some reason my hair has this natural ombre to it where my roots will stay really dark but the bottom half of my hair really lightens in colour so I use purple shampoo to keep it looking nice. I have been using the one from Joico because that was the cheapest one I could find at my local Trade Secrets (LOL) but I think any brand of purple shampoo will work great to tone lighter hair.


IMG_9296I know everyone loves berry colours for fall, but I love the way berry blushes look on tanned skin. Lancome’s blush in Brilliant Berry is one I love to use all year round because I think it really pops on my face when I am pale and then adds a nice glow when I’m tanned. This blush is super pigmented so I use a really light hand to add a tiny flush of colour to the face. Let me know below if there are any products typically considered to be fall or winter products that you love using in the summer months cause I would love to know.



IMG_9300My last must have for summer is a fool proof lip product, like the Nudestix Intense Matte Lip and Cheek Pencil in Belle or Tamed or the Too Faced Lip Injection Color Bomb in Bee Sting. I’m always on the go during the summer months so having a product I am able to just throw in my bag and know that I can apply wherever and whenever is really important to me, because I won’t always have access to a place where I can carefully reapply a liquid lipstick or a super bold colour. Products like these are great because they are in a pencil form so you can have a precise application and they are in nude shades so even if you aren’t so precise in your application, no one will really notice.


I hope you enjoyed reading about my top 5 must haves for summer! Leave me your fave products for summer below so I can try them out!



What did you think? Leave a comment and let me know!

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